Social Investment Market Chapter Three

This picture shows that Social Enterprises and the Social investment market has been around since early 2001.  In fact I can remember back then receiving a first edition of a magazine called 'Social Enterprise'.  It came as a free trial with my NewStart Magazine when I worked as an Employment and Training Manager for Groundwork  Birmingham.  Back then, no-one had a definitive name for a Social Enterprise.  Groundwork Birmingham - a registered charity - had what we called then a 'trading arm' which carried out Environmental Business Services and Consultancy.  By today's standards that is a  Social Enterprise or probably more correctly it should have been a CIC because the "profits" went to support the charity.  

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Social Investment Market Chapter Two

So today is Chaper Two of 'Growing the Social Investment Market: A vision and strategy made simple...

(well the text is made simple, actually doing it in practice will prove a little more difficult)

Chapter Two: Our vision for a dynamic social investment market

  • Create a new pillar of finance for social ventures (if you missed the definition of what a social venture is, read yesterdays post)
  • Make it easier for social ventures to access capital and advice
  • The new pillar of investment means greater roles for investors
  • It's going to be a Big challenge!
  • "UK charitable investment and endowment assets ... account for nearly £95Billion"
  • Finance this big will make BIG changes (they do like this word in Government don't they!)
  • Individual social ventures will have access to a large pot of social investment and support and will have access to tailored investment products
  • Social venture sector could grow in size and dynamism - business producing social outcomes
  • For other voluntary organisations there will be opportunity
  • For individual citizens there will be new opportunities
  • For Charitable foundations opportunities to unlock reserves for social investment
  • For high-net worth individuals investment opportunities with social outcomes
  • For banks and other finanical services opportunity to help whilst investing in the sector
  • For public sector further opportunities to share the running of public services out into civil society.


Well that's short and sweet - once again if you need any of this explaining then please leave a comment below.


Tomorrow: Chapter 3 - The Social Investment Market now - progress to date, symptoms of fragility and underlying causes..

The Social Investment Market Chapter One

Yesterday I promised to deliver a precis - in plain english - of this document produced by MP Nick Hurd and MP Rt Hon Francis Maude.  Here is....

Chapter One: Social Ventures' role in a bigger society, and why they need better finance

Social Ventures find innovative solutions to social problems.

  • Britain needs new ways of doing Community
  • Social Entrepreneurs provide business models that deliver social outcomes
  • Social ventures need to deliver outcomes which are financially self sustaining
  • Social ventures include: Community Organisations, Charities, Social Enterprises and Social Firms
  • Social ventures are united through a passion to improve society
  • Social ventures help to: empower communities, open up public services and provide a means of doing social action
  • Social ventures also contribute to economic growth including: £24B annual contribution to the economy; offering significant employment opportunities and many of those to people who are usually excluded; building new markets
  • Social ventures could do more with better access to finance: open up public services to new providers; make it easier to run civil society organisations; increase social ventures access to people, time and money
  • Capital is still urgently required for growth
  • Capital investment combined with support and advice will help to: better manage cashflow; invest in equipment and facilities; grow or replicate activities
  • Long term investment, tackling entrenched social issues with repaid loans being used again and again 

If this doesn't look like plain english to you - please comment below and I'd happily explain what is meant.  The issue is I've been in this environment for over 15 years so it all looks straight forward to me!

Tomorrow - Chapter Two: The Vision for a Dynamic Social Investment Market

Social Investment Market

Growing the Social Investment Market: A Vision and Strategy is a document created by Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society and Rt Hon Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General.

The document outlines what the government's plan is for Big Society.  The document is encouraging in that it is not packed full of Ministerial speak, and is easy to follow and understand.
Click on the picture for a PDF of the whole report.

The report is split into 6 chapters.
  1. Social Ventures: What are they and why they need better finance
  2. The Social Investment Market Vision
  3. Where has the market come from and where is it today
  4. What will allow Social Investment to flourish
  5. the Mission and role of the Big Society bank
  6. Government's Next Step - and yours.

Tomorrow I'll be outlining Chapter 1 and breaking it down into even easier chunks to understand, whilst also commenting on what I think this means to us - the voluntary sector and society in general.