Just a quick post following this...

I overheard a conversation today whilst out for lunch. A family sat next to us discussing a deceased relatives decision to give her estate away to a selection of Animal Rescue and Welfare Charities.  They were not impressed, especially as one of the charities sent a letter questioning exactly the terms of the Will and how much they were to receive..."without even saying Thank you!" came the comment, followed by: "I don't understand Auntie, surely people are more important than animals any day - why do people do that?"

Interesting isn't it?

Many charities throughout the world, rely on Legacies to bring in additional funding throughout their year, some have dedicated staff for such a role - for many it is a delicate subject and rife with potential counter claims from family members.  It seems that there are also levels of acceptable legacy giving - for this family Animal Welfare was definitely out.

The RSPCA have been in the news lately about a case that went to court regarding a legacy that the family contested and won.

Does your charity have a system in place for people who wish to leave a legacy in their Will?  Have your Trustees discussed this, and how it will be marketed?  I do believe that it is something every charity should consider, especially the process of how it will work in practice, and naturally saying "Thank you" is very important to the family left behind.

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