How Do Donors Choose Charities

Dr. Beth Breeze is a researcher within the Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy which is partly based at the University of Kent, where she also co-founded the Centre for Philanthropy, Humanitarianism and Social Justice.

In Dr. Beth's blog she has given some really great tips for finding the perfect donor.  As those of you who have subscribed and received my free eBook "How To Find Your Fundraising Focus" will know, I stress the importance of understanding your donor's motivations for giving.  This way you will know how to "market" your fundraising case in a way that attracts the people who are able to give.

In her article Dr. Beth writes: "I found that  most people tend to support organisations that promote their own preferences, help people they feel some affinity with and support causes that relate to their own life experiences."

With 5 other key findings Dr. Beth's blog is a very useful source of information for all fundraising professionals.

Beth does bring up a really important point up at the end.  One of my "orange box" moments is about how the Voluntary Sector is supporting the country by providing essential care and services to people most in and services that have at one point been provided by the Government, through the NHS and other departments.  With the Government cuts looming across the board, the pressure may rise on the Voluntary Sector more than it can actually cope with.

I have two thoughts about this...firstly I think to myself..."should the Government really be responsible for everything I think they should?" and secondly: "what will happen to those most in need when the service and care they rely on is at best in a state of flux or worse...wiped out"

Maybe I should get out more?  What do you think?

To read the rest of Dr. Beth's article please go HERE.

Three Big Funders

I thought it would be useful to have a brief overview of Three Big Funders in the UK.  The three questions I’m going to be answering are:

  1. What do they fund?
  2. How much can you be awarded?
  3. Is it open bidding?

The Lottery

What do they fund? “The Lottery” are a group of funders all supporting different activities.  You would need to go to their website to find out what each individual funder supports.  If you subscribe to the GiveUsTheFish list you will be sent a comprehensive report called The Fundraising Report, which apart from many other gems of information lists all of the funders and gives lots of information about each of them.  There are specialist funders for Heritage and Sport and The Arts.  Some of the funders only operate in England, Scotland or Wales, whilst others are focussed on the whole of the UK. How much can you be awarded? Each programme has it’s own level of funding – click on the links above to find out more about each one.  It starts at around £500 to an unlimited amount of funding, depending on who you are and what you want to fund. Is it open bidding? Some of the programmes have open bidding, such as Awards For All, others have set times that you can bid. Read the rest of this entry

8 Ways To Fundraise

8 Ways To Fundraise

Last time we talked about getting ready to Fundraise for your organisation.  I hope that it has prompted you to collate all the information you need and you are now ready to fundraise.

This post is about the many different ways organisations can raise funds because most need to use a range of activities to accomplish their aims and it’s here that we turn our attention to 8 Ways To Fundraise.


There are currently just short of 160,000 charities in the UK (and another 20,000 subsidiaries) and a good proportion of those GIVE money away to other charities that are doing the kind of work they want to fund.  This is where your Case for Support is so important.  When you are writing a letter to a trust, your Case for Support will help you enormously.  With just a bit of tweaking the document will provide you with baseline information making each letter/application very straightforward.

High Net-Worth Individuals

Seeking out people who are very wealthy (High-Net Worth) with similar aims to that of your organisation, building relationships, and then asking for donations.

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Get Ready To Raise Funds

The biggest headache as a freelance consultant when working with Charitable organisations is that the majority of them don't have all their information in one easy-to-reach place. This may sound strange to you. Imagine've written an application to one of the top 3 funders who then request further information from the organisation.  You ask: "Can I have these documents and this information please...?" and you are faced with blank expressions and bewilderment and panic ensues! So, they then go off in search of all the said documents and information you need to complete a successful application... you find that everything you need is spread around four different locations and they are not quite sure where to lay their hands on the last three months bank statements... Hmmnn? Wouldn't it be great if when you asked for these documents...someone reached for a folder and said:  "here you go!" Want to know what these documents are? Read the rest of this entry