Finding New Supporters

Finding new people to replace Committee/Board members or Volunteers can sometimes be fraught with difficulty.  We all lead busy lives, and the time when we are able to give our time freely may not correspond to the time your favoured Charity needs your input!

The times when we have been most in need of the services of a Charity, such as a Charity focused around healthcare for example is the time when we are most open to doing some volunteering in the future, but this isn't always the best time to ask.

It's a dilema!

If this is you - and you are in need of a fresh supply of Volunteers or Committee Members look at it in two ways.  First, it's a marketing issue, second it's a recruitment issue. I'll explain more here.

Traditional marketing and Charities may seem a strange blend, as I have mentioned in a previous post, many people who run Charities feel that marketing is best left to the private sector - if that's your belief I expect you are having some difficulties right now recruiting anyone to your committee or I right?

In the past, a marketing post would have talked about the 4 P's...


Product (what is it you are really 'selling' or offering and what are the benefits?)

Place (where is the 'product' or service available and where can you get it?)

Promotion (How will people hear about it?)

Price (What does it cost?)

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How Do Donors Choose Charities

Dr. Beth Breeze is a researcher within the Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy which is partly based at the University of Kent, where she also co-founded the Centre for Philanthropy, Humanitarianism and Social Justice.

In Dr. Beth's blog she has given some really great tips for finding the perfect donor.  As those of you who have subscribed and received my free eBook "How To Find Your Fundraising Focus" will know, I stress the importance of understanding your donor's motivations for giving.  This way you will know how to "market" your fundraising case in a way that attracts the people who are able to give.

In her article Dr. Beth writes: "I found that  most people tend to support organisations that promote their own preferences, help people they feel some affinity with and support causes that relate to their own life experiences."

With 5 other key findings Dr. Beth's blog is a very useful source of information for all fundraising professionals.

Beth does bring up a really important point up at the end.  One of my "orange box" moments is about how the Voluntary Sector is supporting the country by providing essential care and services to people most in and services that have at one point been provided by the Government, through the NHS and other departments.  With the Government cuts looming across the board, the pressure may rise on the Voluntary Sector more than it can actually cope with.

I have two thoughts about this...firstly I think to myself..."should the Government really be responsible for everything I think they should?" and secondly: "what will happen to those most in need when the service and care they rely on is at best in a state of flux or worse...wiped out"

Maybe I should get out more?  What do you think?

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