Growing the Social Investment Market: A Vision and Strategy is a document created by Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society and Rt Hon Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General.

The document outlines what the government's plan is for Big Society.  The document is encouraging in that it is not packed full of Ministerial speak, and is easy to follow and understand.
Click on the picture for a PDF of the whole report.

The report is split into 6 chapters.
  1. Social Ventures: What are they and why they need better finance
  2. The Social Investment Market Vision
  3. Where has the market come from and where is it today
  4. What will allow Social Investment to flourish
  5. the Mission and role of the Big Society bank
  6. Government's Next Step - and yours.

Tomorrow I'll be outlining Chapter 1 and breaking it down into even easier chunks to understand, whilst also commenting on what I think this means to us - the voluntary sector and society in general.

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