So today is Chaper Two of 'Growing the Social Investment Market: A vision and strategy made simple...

(well the text is made simple, actually doing it in practice will prove a little more difficult)

Chapter Two: Our vision for a dynamic social investment market

  • Create a new pillar of finance for social ventures (if you missed the definition of what a social venture is, read yesterdays post)
  • Make it easier for social ventures to access capital and advice
  • The new pillar of investment means greater roles for investors
  • It's going to be a Big challenge!
  • "UK charitable investment and endowment assets ... account for nearly £95Billion"
  • Finance this big will make BIG changes (they do like this word in Government don't they!)
  • Individual social ventures will have access to a large pot of social investment and support and will have access to tailored investment products
  • Social venture sector could grow in size and dynamism - business producing social outcomes
  • For other voluntary organisations there will be opportunity
  • For individual citizens there will be new opportunities
  • For Charitable foundations opportunities to unlock reserves for social investment
  • For high-net worth individuals investment opportunities with social outcomes
  • For banks and other finanical services opportunity to help whilst investing in the sector
  • For public sector further opportunities to share the running of public services out into civil society.


Well that's short and sweet - once again if you need any of this explaining then please leave a comment below.


Tomorrow: Chapter 3 - The Social Investment Market now - progress to date, symptoms of fragility and underlying causes..

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