This is the final chapter and includes information in the two appendices at the end of the report.  I hope you have found this 6 part blog interesting.  If you would like to know more about any aspect of this report, please contact me.

The Government will work with leading social investment experts to take forward aspects of this strategy

Ultimately everyone will need to be part of building a dynamic social investment market

  • social ventures
  • individual citizens
  • mainstream financial institutions
  • charitable foundations
  • social venture intermediaries
  • professional bodies and business networks

Success will look like a bigger market...

...that works more efficiently

Social Venture Intermediares:

  • Big Issue Invest
  • Bridges Venture Funds 1 and 2
  • Bridges Social Entrepreneurs Fund
  • CAF Venturesome
  • Charity Bank
  • Co-operative and Community Finance
  • The Key Fund
  • London Rebuilding Society
  • Private Equity Foundation
  • Social Finance
  • The Social Investment Business
  • UnLtd

...and finally, what will cause this market to fail?


  • Imperfect information
  • Imperfect competition
  • Externalalities
  • Absence of public goods
  • Cultural and behavioural barriers
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