Three Big Funders

I thought it would be useful to have a brief overview of Three Big Funders in the UK.  The three questions I’m going to be answering are:

  1. What do they fund?
  2. How much can you be awarded?
  3. Is it open bidding?

The Lottery

What do they fund? “The Lottery” are a group of funders all supporting different activities.  You would need to go to their website to find out what each individual funder supports.  If you subscribe to the GiveUsTheFish list you will be sent a comprehensive report called The Fundraising Report, which apart from many other gems of information lists all of the funders and gives lots of information about each of them.  There are specialist funders for Heritage and Sport and The Arts.  Some of the funders only operate in England, Scotland or Wales, whilst others are focussed on the whole of the UK. How much can you be awarded? Each programme has it’s own level of funding – click on the links above to find out more about each one.  It starts at around £500 to an unlimited amount of funding, depending on who you are and what you want to fund. Is it open bidding? Some of the programmes have open bidding, such as Awards For All, others have set times that you can bid.

BBC Children In Need

What do they fund? They fund organisations working with disadvantaged children and young people who are 18 years old and under.  The organisation and project must be based in the UK and you need to be a registered charity or other not-for-profit organisation. How much can you be awarded? Within their general grants programme, you can apply for: Small Grants of £10,000 or less per year for up to three years Main Grants over £10,000 per year for up to three years Is it open bidding? There are four general grant deadlines each year: January, April, July, October. (See website for exact dates)

Comic Relief

What do they fund? They will fund some of your project costs, but they also encourage you to get some of your funding from other sources if you can.  They fund: Main Programme Mental Health Domestic and Sexual Abuse Refugee and Asylum Seeking Women Sport for Change Local Communities Older People Young People Aged 11 – 25 Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Young People Young People and Alcohol Young People with Mental Health Problems Young Carers: This programme is managed by the Princess Royal Trust for Carers. Further information will be available soon from here How much can you be awarded? There is no minimum or maximum grant in most of their programmes, but where there are limits, these are clearly stated in the programme guidelines. Their grants on average vary between £25,000 and £40,000 per year, and rarely exceed this upper limit. If your work is regional, national or provides a model that could be widely replicated, they may be able to fund at a higher level. They also have an international project fund. Is it open bidding? It appears to be open bidding with no set dates or deadlines.

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