The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust

There is usually a wonderful human interest story behind each trust and this one is no exception.  Jean Sainsbury led a wonderful life, filled, as many peoples lives are, with moments of tragedy and fulfillment.

When Jean's estranged Father died leaving her millions, she decided she would use the money for the good of others, especially the welfare of animals.

The Trust meet three times a year to discuss applications - March, July and November and consider requests from £1000 to £10,000.  They do sometimes also consider smaller applications outside of these dates but these are at the discretion of the Chairman and Administrator.  The deadline for applications received is: 1st February (for March meeting) 1st June (for July meeting) and 1st October (for November meeting).

Someone from the Trust will visit you if you are successful in your application, which I really like the idea of as it links your work with the people paying for it and it also means that any future applications have  deeper connection with the charity.  Another great thing about this organisation is that they are happy to receive repeat applications which so many other charities do not.


There are 6 Trustees:

Mr Russell
Mrs Tarlington
Mr Keliher
Mr Spurdens
Valierie Pike
Michelle O'Brien

Who will they fund?

  • UK registered charities where at least one set of up-to-date published annual accounts is available for inspection.
  • Smaller UK registered animal welfare charities.
  • UK registered charities which demonstrate an active re-homing and rehabilitation policy for animals taken into their care.
  • UK registered charities involved with conservation of wildlife, if the rescue, rehabilitation and release of animals is their main aim


What will they fund?

The Trust will donate donate to UK registered charities who are involved in one or more of the following:

  • to benefit or protect animals
  • to relieve animals from suffering
  • to conserve wild life
  • to encourage the understanding of animals

There is a four page application form, which looks straight forward enough.  One thing you will need to note is that when applying the charity will want 9 (Nine) copies of all your documents... 9 copies of the application form, 9 copies of your accounts and 9 copies of any other information you want to send.  So consider this expense when deciding whether to apply to this charity or not.


What won't they fund?


  • Charities mainly engaged with the preservation of specific species of wild animals
  • Charities with available reserves equal to more than one year's running costs will not qualify for consideration unless it can be demonstrated that reserves are being held for a designated project.
  • Charities offering sanctuary to animals, with no effort to re-home, foster or rehabilitate.
  • Charities that do not have a realistic destruction policy for animals that cannot be given a reasonable quality of life.
  • Charities involved with assistance animals e.g. Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, Riding for the Disabled etc.
  • Charities that spend more than a reasonable proportion of their income on administration or cannot justify their costs per animal helped.
  • Charities registered outside the UK.
  • Veterinary Schools, unless the money can be seen to be directly benefiting the type of animals the Trust would want to support e.g. welfare-related or low-cost first opinion vet treatment projects.
  • Applications from individuals.


For further information about the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust please visit their website:


If you need help to complete this or any application or bid for funding please contact us to find out how we can assist.



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