A Major Breakthrough in Fundraising!

Who else would like to learn tried and tested methods of successfully raising funds?

Don’t take chances with this vital activity.  Now more than ever, you need to hone your bid writing skills. This workshop will be an investment in the future of your organisation and the future of the projects your involved with.

Take a minute to read on…

  • Would you like an opportunity to meet with other fundraisers to share thoughts and best practice?
  • Working in isolation can be lonely and frustrating; wouldn’t it be good to be able to discuss your options with others in a similar situation?
  • How about a friendly environment in which to practice presenting to a Board of Trustees?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have professional style documents backing up your organisation?
  • How much better will it be to have your fundraising efforts maximised and save you time?
  • Will having templates, check sheets and being completely organised make your organisation more efficient?
  • Learn new skills and tips to create proficient, time saving fundraising ideas

I spent countless hours writing individual letters to Trusts, getting more desperate with each lick of the stamp – only to receive a short but polite letter back turning me down flat!  It seemed that this would go on forever and all the time I spent doing that activity, I couldn’t get on with other vital tasks.  Things became so desperate that I was on the verge of giving up completely, when I discovered the missing ingredient and formulated a system for all of my fundraising tasks.  Since then my fundraising has been transformed.  To this date I have raised several millions for charitable causes through bid writing.

Learning New Methods Doesn’t Have To Be Boring, Expensive Or Time Consuming!

Using accelerated learning methods  (that is…you learn what I found out and avoid the mistakes I made) completing the Workshop will give you:

  • Increased confidence in your abilities
  • A new network of friends
  • Access to professional fundraisers
  • A template for successful fundraising
  • A launch pad to a potential new career
  • Greater impact of your fundraising efforts

Fundraising is such a valuable skill.  Think about it.  You do one piece of work and hundreds of lives can be positively affected!  In my experience I found that fundraisers are usually people who want to make a or BE the difference in the world around them.  This is where I come in.  I want to empower you to be incredibly successful, so that by MY one piece of work – helping you to become more proficient – I can have an affect on thousands of lives.  Now isn’t that an exciting prospect!

Here’s what some delegates have said after they attended the workshop:

“Inspiring day and very friendly”

“Tremendously helpful, really made me think through all the final details needed”

“Would love to take part in all the workshops!”

“Very informative”

“I came on the workshop not having done any fundraising previously.  At 34 years of age I can now say ‘I know what I want to do when I grow up!’

“Personal attention – great!”

“Very informative – full of information”

“Can’t wait for the next three!”

The Basics Of Fundraising

The raising of funds is a highly specialised skill, which is often said “best left to professionals.”  I realised early on in my career, that there are hundreds of small voluntary groups in the UK, who only want to expand their knowledge a little bit and by doing so can make a huge difference.

For instance, they want to hold a more successful community event, or be able to apply for a small grant through the 'Big Lottery'. If you fall into this category, then this workshop is aimed at you.  If you enjoy learning you will be able to join us on this workshop.  This will then lead you onto increased fundraising ability.


This is where you begin to increase your organisations funding!

You are about to become a bid writer!

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Creating a case for support
  • Researching your target Funders
  • Creating a fundraising strategy
  • Consolidation

Here it is in more detail...

Creating a case for support:

This is THE most important document in your organisation.

  • Passionately describes the why’s, how’s and when’s of why you need the funding
  • Informs your internal organisation on a consistent basis
  • Informs your external stakeholders about your activities
  • Speeds up your application processes
  • Helps you to focus on the needs of the organisation and of those whom the organisation was formed to help
  • Forms the strong foundation you need for all future fundraising work
  • Creates an air of professionalism for your organisation

Researching your target Funders:

Being able to ‘speak’ directly to your supporters is very important.  No more wasted resources going out to those who really aren’t interested in what you do – take aim, focus, fire!  Right into the heart of the place you know you will have most impact.

  • Helps you create a marketing strategy
  • Helps you determine who your target audience is
  • Establishes what your target audiences needs are
  • Establishes how you can fulfil those needs are yours
  • Helps you to understand why people give
  • Helps you to find different strategies for giving
  • Shows you that you can attract your ‘Perfect Sponsors’ using specific skills and creating an ‘Attraction Strategy’

Creating a Fundraising Strategy:

This is also a vital foundational skill in the raising of funds.  It helps you to ask questions such as:  What do we do? What are we going to do?  When will we do it? How long will it take to complete? Etc

  • Helps you create a fundraising plan
  • Helps you to decide where you want your funds to come from
  • Establishes the time scale for your fundraising needs
  • Begins to create a financial understanding for your organisation
  • Helps you plan around funding bodies closing deadlines
  • Establishes relationships with those who can help
  • Develops better communication skills to deepen those relationships


Bringing it all together.  So you’ve been successful…so what?!  Often so much effort goes into getting funding that once it’s been acquired it can be overwhelming and you forget to audit.

  • Have a plan ready when funds start coming in
  • Helps you achieve accountability
  • Gives you monitoring tools
  • Helps you track Outputs and Outcomes
  • Helps you set up transparent audit trails
  • Establishes a cyclical evaluation tool
  • Moves you to the next level

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