Sarah Jayne Hewitt  

Sarah's career in the voluntary sector began after she had spent 15 years in the Private Sector, Programme Managing various highly successful business enterprises for herself and others.

Her first role involved ESF funded projects that needed developing and designing and then re-applying to the EU for the continuation project.  The initiative Sarah Project Managed was one of the most successful New Deal 18 – 24 year old projects in the UK and she feels was one of the most pivotal points of her voluntary sector career.

Sarah went on to manage a £9M budget for a local authority through their SRB programme. This time she was sitting on the other side of the funding fence and advised senior management teams from across the voluntary sector and Council Officers / Councillors in the Borough.

2004 saw the start of the Fundraising and Training Consultancy she now runs in alliance with other expert Fundraisers and specialists to enable clients to simply… have the fish!


Neil Hewitt

Neil has over 30 years’ experience of managing programmes, specialising in project planning, resource scheduling, change and stakeholder management.

Neil has worked with major banks and insurance companies, universities and central government.  The major advantage Neil brings to any organisation is his ability to plan and strategise your project to its successful conclusion.


Julie Pitt

Julie Pitt has been handling data for over 15 years, most of which has been for charities.  Realising a talent for practical solutions she is dedicated to helping charities find ways of maximising their income from what they already have


Paul Winterbottom

Paul, is a dedicated and strongly driven professional with strategic vision and world wide experience in operations, finance, bid development, fund & programme management in the Public, Private & Voluntary Sectors.


A former Director with the Home Office who for the last 9 years has worked across sectorial boundaries to develop sustainable funding programmes for a wide variety of customers. Paul wrote and owns the only NVQ3 accredited training programme for fundraisers in the UK and has an exceptional experience in acquiring funds from the EU













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