In the news today was a story with a headline that read:  "Could cuts halt school buildings transformation?"  This story is highlighting the intended cuts to the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) initiative, which is to transform many schools from temporary accommodation to state of the art facilities, such as Liverpool's Alsop High as stated in the article.

So it made me think, what the outcome of the cuts would be?  There are 1100 schools signed up for BSF in the UK which begs the question are they really unfit for purpose?  I suspect they are.

Teaching goes on in buildings long past their 'sell by date' which must impact on the quality of the learning experience for the attending pupils.  What hope are we giving to these youngsters for their futures?

Is it time for a complete rethink of our education system?  The way we teach? What we teach?  How we teach?  Maybe the Governments new 'Free School Scheme' is a step in the right direction?  Time will tell, only it may be too late for some by the time we know.

The truth is...hard times are coming.  The Voluntary Sector has already been hit hard by the recession and in order for the country to get back on track the Government has some unpleaseant duties to perform, which none of us are going to like...and from which none of us will be untouched.

The report states that: 'Liverpool City Council says cuts to this "once in a generation opportunity" would have a huge and detrimental impact on the city.'

They are necessary.  It's like having to take a sour tasting medicine that will save your life...there is no other way. Or is there?

So what does all this have to do with fundraising?  Well, the BSF was a way that Schools were helping themselves with raising money from Government to improve the learning experience for 1000's of children across the UK.

We need to think in a different way if we are to achieve a different outcome.  I am for a total rethink.  Teaching methods need to reflect the many different ways children learn and that is not always possible in Victorian buildings or temporary mobile classrooms.

We are in the 21st Century after all!

The schools must be updated and rebuilt or relocated..that's a given.  It's where the money comes from that we need to be more creative on.  Schools are largely being run like businesses these days, some have already sought out private sector funding; sold off pieces of land for redevelopment; and other creative ways of raising cash.

The BBC News report adds: 'So what will happen if the scheme doesn't go ahead? Cllr Corbett  (Liverpool Council) says: "It will be desperate - we will have to start reforming it all over again" '  More money wasted, which we can all ill afford to do.

Brace yourselves everyone,  it is highly likely that the scheme will NOT go ahead in it's present form - the money just isn't there.

What other ways do you think or do you know of that schools could become, self financing?  What about their use during the holidays?  What about all kinds of other uses?

Let me know your thoughts?

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