8 Ways To Fundraise

Last time we talked about getting ready to Fundraise for your organisation.  I hope that it has prompted you to collate all the information you need and you are now ready to fundraise.

This post is about the many different ways organisations can raise funds because most need to use a range of activities to accomplish their aims and it’s here that we turn our attention to 8 Ways To Fundraise.


There are currently just short of 160,000 charities in the UK (and another 20,000 subsidiaries) and a good proportion of those GIVE money away to other charities that are doing the kind of work they want to fund.  This is where your Case for Support is so important.  When you are writing a letter to a trust, your Case for Support will help you enormously.  With just a bit of tweaking the document will provide you with baseline information making each letter/application very straightforward.

High Net-Worth Individuals

Seeking out people who are very wealthy (High-Net Worth) with similar aims to that of your organisation, building relationships, and then asking for donations.

Donor Base

Building a list of people who are supportive of the work you do and asking them for regular (monthly or yearly) financial support – often just a few pounds a month, but some are more able to give larger amounts.


Asking people to support your organisation by leaving money (or sometimes possessions that can be sold)  in their Will so that the work can continue after their demise.


We all know about events – it’s usually the first thing people think about when talking about fundraising for a group.  There are 1000’s of ways to put an event on and raise money and awareness of your cause.   There are now some amazing ways of raising funds for charity like walking the Sahara or the Great Wall of China – plus many other low key events like the traditional Jumble Sales.

Corporate Support

Large organisations that donate a regular amount of funding to your cause.  Some companies run events for their staff and they make it easy for them to donate regularly by taking it directly from their salary and with Gift Aid (which is currently 20%) this makes it a very cost effective method of fundraising.  All you need to do is find a corporate to support you.


As an addition to Corporate funding, other organisations can gain sponsorship for their cause by linking with companies.  Andrew Carnegie is famous for building library’s all over the world.  His money built the libraries and his name is on the front of every building.


There are many funders who will ask you to complete an application form which tells them about your organisations work, particularly a project you may be trying to get off the ground.  The core information in most of the application forms is similar, although the audit process is often different.  The Big Lottery, Comic Relief and BBC Children in Need, are amongst many others are just some of the funders who ask for application forms.  Your project is then assessed against the objectives of the organisation and how well you will be able to manage the funds.

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