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Our name is taken from the well know adage "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for life"  
The organisations we work with are out there working hard at teaching people to fish, but they themselves often just need the fish and they want it now!




So here it is, read on to find out what else we do to help you in your fundraising efforts!

We also work with expert consultants in their field to be able to offer our clients the following:

Programme Management

Is there anyone in your organisation with the specialist skills to design and deliver a new project?  If not, we can!  Our resident expert has worked with major blue chips and statutory bodies planning multi-million pound projects and now he's ready to design your project for you.

Organisation Analysis

Are you in need of a restructure or does your organisation need to reinvent itself?  Do you have systems and procedures for the work you do?  No?  Book some time with our expert and watch the magic unfurl!


We run Firewalking, Glasswalking, Arrow Breaking, Bar Bending and Board Breaking, events for charities and project manage the whole event experience for organisations that have their own ideas.


Our experts can create your fundraising strategy around a targetted list of Trusts that give funding to your particular niche

Bid Writing

A specialist skill- let our team take the strain and headache away.

EU Funding Proposals

Complex, long winded and a mine field - that's EU Funding.  Our experts love writing these kinds of applications! (I say they need to get out more!)


A highly specialised skill which our team relish


So many people tell us "we could never make that ask!"  Let us show you how to include asking for a legacy as part of your overall strategy, simply and with no fuss

Corporate Donors

Want to find a Corporate Donor but not sure how to move forward?  Our Team will show you how to do make the first step, or make that step for you

Major Donors/High Net Worth Individuals

Does your sponsor list include those that could make a bigger than usual donation?  Let our Team show you the right approach.

Database Marketing

We so often hear from our clients that they have large lists of contacts and that they simply don't know how to make contact and ask for donations.  Our experts make it their business to do this every day.


Contact our Evesham office to find out more.

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Social Investment Market Chapter 6

This is the final chapter and includes information in the two appendices at the end of the report.  I hope you have found this 6 part blog interesting.  If you would like to know more about any aspect of this report, please contact me.

The Government will work with leading social investment experts to take forward aspects of this strategy

Ultimately everyone will need to be part of building a dynamic social investment market

  • social ventures
  • individual citizens
  • mainstream financial institutions
  • charitable foundations
  • social venture intermediaries
  • professional bodies and business networks

Success will look like a bigger market...

...that works more efficiently

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Social Investment Market Chapter 5

Big Society Bank

The Bank will have a clear social mission and four operating principles:

  • Independence
  • Acting as a wholesaler
  • transparency
  • self-sufficiency

The Bank will be both a wholesale investor and a champion of the market

The Bank could invest in funds for front line social ventures, for intermediaries and for development of new market vehicles and infrastructure.

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Social Investment Market Chapter 4

This is a six-part framework for action, from enabling reforms on public services and localism to setting up the Big Society Bank.

  • More open and localised public services will rely on and create opportunities for social ventures
  • Social investment benefits from appropriate tax incentives
  • The right business environment is vital to social ventures
  • Social ventures need support to improve their investment readiness and their business capability
  • Better market infrastructure will help social investment to grow
  • Financing and Championing

Finally, these actions will help acceleration of the social investment market's development.

Social Investment Market Chapter Three

This picture shows that Social Enterprises and the Social investment market has been around since early 2001.  In fact I can remember back then receiving a first edition of a magazine called 'Social Enterprise'.  It came as a free trial with my NewStart Magazine when I worked as an Employment and Training Manager for Groundwork  Birmingham.  Back then, no-one had a definitive name for a Social Enterprise.  Groundwork Birmingham - a registered charity - had what we called then a 'trading arm' which carried out Environmental Business Services and Consultancy.  By today's standards that is a  Social Enterprise or probably more correctly it should have been a CIC because the "profits" went to support the charity.  

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